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Plating chemicals & Automatic control equipment for chemicals
Plating chemicals


Plating chemicals are essential in the production of electronic components for use in household appliances, communications devices, office equipment, and other products. Ishihara Chemical has actively invested in this business and is involved in developing and manufacturing related products. We have also put in place an extensive technical service organization to respond to customer needs, earning us a high level of support from numerous manufacturers.

Automatic control equipment for chemicals


We offer analytical equipment for surface treatment solutions utilized in production processes for the printed circuit boards and display panels used in flat-panel televisions, mobile phones, game consoles, and other media devices.

Our analytical equipment helps improve production efficiency in these processes, making high-quality products a reality.

We also provide reagents for use with these devices and after-sales service, ensuring our customers’ ability to realize the full benefit of their investments with confidence and peace of mind.

Electronic materials


Our electronic materials business features some of Japan’s most advanced products. Typical among these is submicron nickel powder used in the manufacture of capacitor electrodes, dramatically cutting capacitor manufacturing costs and increasing performance. Devices such as computers and mobile phones require high-performance capacitors, and demand for these products is increasing rapidly.

Ceramics Materials


We have long-term experience as a machinable and engineering ceramics supplier to solve thermal resistance, electric insulation, dimension stability, corrosion and wear issues.

Our advanced ceramics parts have been provided widely in various components and fixtures such as Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipments.

Machinable ceramics are characterized as a quick turn around materials, because they can be machined with metal-working tools.

Ceramics materials are available as custom parts, stock items, components or assembles.

Automotive chemicals for aftermarket


We develop, manufacture, and sell Automotive chemicals for aftermarket under our Unicon brand, including car wash detergents for use at gas stations, maintenance chemicals for use at automotive inspection and repair shops, and FMC compounds and repair chemicals for use at automotive sheet metal painting plants. We also offer consumer products for resale at automotive and other shops.

In addition, our anti-spatter agents for welding are used by major manufacturers of such products as construction machinery, industrial machinery, steel beams, automobiles, and railroad cars.



Inorganic compounds & Fine chemicals

In our inorganic compounds and fine chemicals business, we serve as a trading company by purchasing associated products from leading manufacturers and supplying them to end-users. The highly specialized nature of the products we carry and a large number of regular customers including major companies in the steel industry, heavy industry, and the chemical industry as well as government agencies ensure consistent sales.